Zuzana Hutňanová


Obrazy a krabičky

Výstava bude v Jerichu k vidění od 7.5.-8.6.




Aleš Duša

Zveme Vás srdečně na derniéru dne 2.5. 2018. Od 20:00 vystoupí duo Štěpán Janoušek a Jakub Duša.


Miroslav Pošvic: litografie



Aktuální výstava bude probíhat od 28.2.  do 24.3. 2017




od 12. října do 8. listopadu 2015

Zveme Vás na TÝDNY REVOLVER REVUE do kavárny JERICHO :
- v prodeji jubilejní 100. ČÍSLO ZA MIMOŘÁDNOU CENU 100 KČ
- speciální konzumační BONUS v podobě knihy z EDICE RR či některého z čísel REVOLVER REVUE při útratě nad 700 Kč
+ V ÚTERÝ 3. LISTOPADU OD 19 HODIN VEČER REVOLVER REVUE Č. 100 s tématem KAUZA KUNDERA – vystoupí Adam Drda a Marek Vajchr.
Těšíme se na Vás!


Výstava: Ben SASSON


5.9. 2015 – 7. 10.2015

Ben’s childhood affection for making short-films further developed where light is excluded… His yeshiva would grant him classes at public school in manual photography, later leading to studies locally at University of Notre Dame in Indiana of the U.S… Later in Europe, Ben studied fine arts in Florence at Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) with a concentration on still-photography. With such life for the realm of film and theory, he deepened his studies at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), graduating with a BFA in Film and Minor in Photography.

Ever absorbed by mystery—from the illustrations of vintage Agatha Christie book covers, to the Italian film genre, “Giallo”— Ben’s cinematic style can be described as voyeuristic with a nostalgic candidness. Compositions materialize from a found poeti c moment, and the natural geometry that surrounds it. Graphically, Ben’s lifelong adoration for Czech and Polish graphic-design (from before the fall of Communism) inspires his work most. Photographically shooting with a 35mm lens further bestows an honest ‘extension of his own eye’ with consideration towards it’s potential layout among posters and such…

In 2010, Ben spent time working in Israel, then Helsinki, where he studied film theory briefly before working in Budapest on the American feature, The Rite (with Anthony Hopkins). Establishing himself shortly thereafter in Prague with his partner, Mimi Violette (mimiviolette.com), Ben has since been contributor

​for promotional film posters

for the National Film Archive


Kino Ponrepo

​ and​

the TV series, Crossing Lines (with Donald Sutherland)

​ — As well, he has designed homage posters for Sutherland, specifically for such films as, „Mash“ (​1970) and „Don’t Look Now

“ (1973)

​… and for producer, Rick McCallum’s,Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

— all of which

​ ​

were personally signed by

​ ​

Sutherland and McCallum

Ben has also designed gig-posters

​ ​

for such musical acts as

​: ​


​ ​

Black Lips (US)

​, ​

Kurt Vile and the Violators (US),

​ ​

A Place to Bury Strangers (US)

​, ​

Beach House (US)

​, ​

The Soft Moon (US)

​, ​

White Lies (UK)

​, ​

The Warlocks (US) and DJ Anton Newcombe (of Brian Jonestown Massacre

​ ​




​ ​

Brian Jonestown Massacre (US/Berlin)

​, ​

Blonde Redhead (US)

​, The Dandy Warhols (US) ​

— all of which

​were also

personally signed by the band.

​Additionally, ​

Ben works occasionally as an Art Director for film and as a consultant in film-science for Mimi, where she teaches design-in-cinema at FAMO. Check out more of his work on: www.an-axe-to-grind.com


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